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Me & Mrs. Jones – Behind the Scenes with Jack and Diane 

Sentences – Players by the Sea, Jacksonville Beach, FL – June 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15

Sentences, written and directed by Drew L. Brown and Co-Directed by Ramona Ramdeen is based on a true story which illustrates the unjust prison sentence of Robin, a simple southern woman who is framed by a new lover of a crime she did not commit. Riddled with worry for the daughter she’s left behind, Robin struggles to adjust to prison life. Unbeknownst to her, a multi-faceted drug ring involving guards and inmates progressively unfolds, leading to catastrophe. SENTENCES offers an authentic look into the flaws of our criminal justice system through the experience of a mother desperate to reunite with her child.


Something Miraculous- Sold out shows in Jacksonville, FL,  packed the house in Africa,  and after having 3 amazing shows in Baton Rouge is moving on to Lafayette, LA in August 2017.

Julie Ann plays Dr. Hudson. She might seem a little stiff, but she will be sure to make you laugh.

This is a theatrical soap opera you don’t want to miss!




11266664_837263366366543_1644544246097066941_o Me and Mrs. Jones is currently in post production in Jacksonville, FL. Support this fantastic feature film by visiting their Go Fund Me page!

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